How will I know?
“I don’t want to be a pest when following up with a potential customer, but I’m confident I’m the right person for the job.”  For years I’ve coached people to understand that our role as a salesperson is to solve problems for our customers.  It’s that simple.  Consider this: you’re a very busy person, you’re in need of someone to do some home repairs for you, but you can’t find the time to follow-up with the three companies you “shopped”.  Would you give the job to the salesperson who follow-ups with you, or would you choose one of the others who never called you back after they gave you a quote.  80% of non-routing sales occur after AT LEAST 5 follow-ups.  Don’t give up too soon.  Continue to reach out to your potential customer so that you can earn their business as their PROBLEM SOLVER.  

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